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As if Pakistan's economic, financial and political troubles were not enough the Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan has again taken to the streets with an elaborate programme to drive Pakistan into the Medieval Era where all signs of progress and modernity are extinguished and we all live in sublime ignorance.

Jinnah's Pakistan was actually won by the predecessors of TLP, the Barelvi Ulema who went around preaching Islamist ideas and told Muslims that voting for Pakistan was like voting for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Barelvis and other ulema came under a cloud during the 1953 Anti-Ahmadiyya Riots but they retained control of most village mosques as well as major seminaries in the towns and cities.

That control of mosques and seminaries meant that they were potentially always a very dangerous network.

In Iran the Shiite ulema came to power under Khomeini and established a neo-theocratic regime and since then the so-called Muslim world has seen the Sunni counterparts trying to capture the state in different parts of that world.

Since Pakistan emerged from a breakup of India, for a long time the democratic features learnt during the British Era continued to play a prominent role.

However, over time such influence dissipated and the medieval layer on which the two-nation theory was based again gained strength which under General Zia-ul-Haq unabashedly received state patronage.

During the so-called Afghan Jihad the Deobandis had the upper hand but now the TLP has taken over and Pakistan is again going through display of mob power of mullas.

Pakistan is sinking all the time.

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