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I would like to argue that the freedom of religion is incomplete without the freedom from religion.

In the light of the current wave of fanatical manifestation of religious fervour during the raids on the Capitol Hill where the US Congress is located, it is important to underline that God is put into service by all extremists.

Evangelical Christians were shouting slogans that Donald Trump represented the mission of Jesus!!!!

In our subcontinent Ishwar, Allah, Khuda, Rabb, God - all our invoked in the mob attacks on hapless minorities.

We who believe in human rights must be fully aware that while we respect the freedom of religion we simultaneously uphold the freedom from religion.

The only way to test the validity of truth claims is to look at the evidence and follow that.

Notwithstanding all the prayers and so on, it is Science which can help us overcome the unprecedented threat posed by the Corona-19 virus.

I have seen two close friends die because of it and consider myself lucky to have escaped the infection thus far.

I continue to believe that there is no Great Design or Teleological End towards which we as Homosapiens are evolving.

It just happens that we on earth have developed a level of intelligence which makes us pose questions and to seek answers. That is all.

So, let everyone find out what is worth living for and follow it AS LONG AS HE/SHE DOES NOT VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

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