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Former Alleged Indian Agents now Pakistan's Friends!

The Pakistan Government, that is Prime Minister Imran Khan's Government, has withdrawn the ban imposed on the Tehrik Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and similar change of description and policy can be expected regarding the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) with which negotiations are underway, 9 November 2021.

If I remember both were damned as being financed by India and therefore being Indian agents!

So, what exactly has happened that these parties and the movements they represent are no longer anti-national forces aided and abetted by Pakistan's allegedly inveterate Enemy?

I make the point only to underline that labelling movements and individuals as Indian agents and then clearing them of such charges only undermines the credibility of the Pakistan Government.

Many of us fear that Pakistan is going to continue to drift towards greater anti-intellectualism with conservative and outmoded ideas being imposed on the people of Pakistan.

I hope such fears are unfounded and somehow Prime Minister Imran Khan has convinced both these parties to let go of their reactionary ideas and start behaving as modern entities subscribing to the rule of law.

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